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    • Isolation
      • Kipps is left out of the Christmas ghost story telling time as he is not enjoying it = inability to participate isolates him
      • He leaves Stella so he can make a living and come back with help = isolation from the loved ones
      • Alice Drablow lived in the EMH for year by herself. EMH is a physically isolated island where there is sea frets.
      • The WIB is isolated as she is seen alone and she was isolated from her son which she lost hence the plot of the story
      • Keckwick and Mr Jerome are isolated in their own fear of the WIB = no emotions and not a person who expresses opinions
      • Kipps is isolated in the new town as he is not aware of the conspiracy of silence
      • Monk's Piece is further away from the uncivil side of the city where there is chaos. MP is disciplined and ordered
      • When he sets off from London, there's no one on the train = no one to help him = unsettling
      • = to create fear                 = to show need for love companions    = to create tense atmosphere
    • Fear
      • Kipps is scared and agitated that he runs out of the house = psychological illnesses
      • Mr Jerome clutches Kipps' arm and nearly collapses at the mention of the WIB = she is terrifying and is powerful
      • Kipps' change through the novella as he was optimistic but had nervous illnesses = maddness fills time he should be happy for like celebrating with others.
      • You can have long lasting effects like Keckwick or short term like heart "pounding"
      • Mr Jerome and Kipps both don't want to caccept the fear they know of
      • The WIB controls the death of children to bring fear
    • Supernatural
      • beyond natural = Kipps didn't believe in it at first = intelligent and educated young Kipps
      • He changes as he starts believing in ghosts = transformation
    • Influences from the past
      • You can't escape it = Arthur thinks he is secure after many years in Monk's Piece but suddenly there is a sudden fear gripping him
      • Jennet Humphrey can't let go of her past memories of her child dying before her eyes = injustice in the soceity


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