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  • Theme 1 - Geography
    • Quality of life and standard if living
      • Quality of Life = the happiness, well-being and satisfaction of a person
      • Standard of living = influences on the lives of people that can be measured
    • Access to housing
      • Housing tenure = the legal and financial arrangements by which people live in their housing
        • Privately rented
        • Squatter housing
        • Owner occupied
        • Social housing
      • Fewer young people are entering the housing market which means that...
        • Its difficult to change to a larger house
        • It reduces overall house prices
        • It prevents sale of housing after the death of the owner
    • UK housing patterns
      • CBD, Cost = high, Housing types = apartments, Ownership = privately rented or owner occupied
      • Inner City, Cost = low, Housing types = old terranced blocks andhigh rise flats and modern town houses, Ownership = owner occupied and council rented and privately rented
      • Inner Suburbs, Cost = medium, Housing types = dethatched and semi-detached
      • Outer Suburbs, Cost = high and low, Housing types = large detached and high rise flats, Ownership = owner occupied and council rented
    • Access to services
      • Catchment area = the area from which a shop attracts its customers
      • Range = the furthest distance a customer is willing to travel to that particular store
      • Threshold population = the number of customers below which a shop will not make a big enough profit to stay openm
    • Migrations
      • Urban to rural migration
        • Air pollution
        • Fear of crime
        • Congested roads
      • Reasons for migration
        • Money
        • Danger
        • Quality of life/standard of living
    • Planning issues in built environments
      • National -} Regional -} local -} stakeholders
      • Nottingham Tram Network
    • Creating and sustaining rural communities
      • Honeypot Site = a place of special interest that attracts many tourists and is often congested at peak times
      • National parks were first set up in England in 1951
        • To conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the National Park
        • To promote opportunities for public enjoyment and understanding of the special qualities of the National Park
        • To foster the economic and social well-being of communities living within the National Park




please could you make a theme 2 and 3 thank you



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