Theme of Defiance

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  • Theme of Defiance
    • A Doll's House
      • 'My sweet tooth wouldn't perhaps have been on the rampage in town today?'
        • Nora makes a small act of defiance by buying forbidden macaroons
      • 'I have the most tremendous desire to say: bloody hell!'
        • Nora defying Nora through he shocking-for-the-time langauge
      • 'It was I who raised the money'
        • Nora borrows money and defies the men in her life
      • 'As I am now, I can't be anything for them'
        • Nora as she leaves Torvald, defying her role as a mother
    • When I am dead, my dearest
      • 'Haply I may remember/ And haply may forget'
        • dismissive, defying the cult of mourning at the time
    • Maude Clare
      • 'For he's my lord for better and worse'
        • Nell defies Maude Clare by choosing Lord Thomas anyway
      • 'I wash my hands thereof'
        • Maude Clare defies Lord Thomas by moving on
    • No, thank you John
      • 'I never said I loved you John'
        • defies the Victorian ideal of marriage
      • 'Use your common sense'
        • patronising tone
    • Goblin Market
      • 'Lizzie cover'd up her eyes... Laura reared her glossy head'
        • Lizzie defies temptation where Laura cannot
      • 'forbidden fruit'
        • shows Laura's direct defiance as the fruit is specified as forbidden


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