Theme: Loyalty & Betrayal

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  • Theme: Loyalty & Betrayal
    • The Macbeth's pretend to be loyal
      • LM. two - faced nature helps her betray and trick Duncan into thinking she is a good hostess
      • Macbeth betrays his own sense of right or wrong
        • This leads to his death and self - worth
      • "your servants forever"
        • This shows how LM. can pretend to be loyal
      • Juxtapositon
        • LM. welcomes Duncan into her castle pretending to be a good hostess
        • However she is also plotting to kill him
    • Duncan beheads the previous thane of cawdor for betraying him and rewards Macbeth with the title
    • Betrayal is often linked to power
      • loyalty and betrayal often go hand in hand
        • e.g. Macduff is loyal to his country but betrays his family by leaving them behind in Scotland with a bad leader
    • Characters show their loyalty through their actions
      • Country: Macduff is loyal to his country
        • Chooses to help Malcolm fight for his country instead of staying behind and protecting his family
      • Beliefs
        • Banquo is loyal to his own sense of humour - "allegiance to be clear"
          • He won't let ambition or prophecies affect him


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