Theme: Ambition

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  • Themes: Ambition
    • Ambition is the main theme in Macbeth as it motivates Macbeth to commit terrible deeds.
    • Ambition is a good and a bad thing
      • Banquo is ambitious on he heard his prophecy but doesn't act or care about it the way Macbeth does
      • Malcolm and Macduff are ambitious for their country
      • Lady Macbeth and Macbeth are corrupted by ambition
    • Macbeth's biggest weakness
      • leads to M & LM deaths
      • Fatal flaw
    • Ambition is dangerous as it can quietly spiral  out of control
      • Result of this is M. kills anyone he feels threatened by
      • Ambition makes people ruthless and selfish
    • "I have no spur...but only/ Vaulting ambition"
      • LM gives M. a little push to her view of the right direction
      • M. knows he's ruthless - this fuels his ambition to kill Duncan
    • LM. knows the difference between being ambitious and acting on ambition
      • thinks M. id not ruthless enough to go after what he wants
      • "not without ambition,but without/ The illness should attend it


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