THEME A: Key Terms

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  • THEME A: Key terms
    • Crude Birth Rate: the number of live babies born per year per 1000
    • Crude Death Rate: the number of people dying per year per 1000
    • Natural Increase: the difference between the birth rate and death rate .
    • Demographic Transition Model: a graph showing the changes in population overtime in a country based of experience in MEDC'S
    • Population Structure: the ordering of a population according to gender and age.
    • Population Pyramid: a diagram used to show the population of a country.Its main characteristics are gender and age.
    • Youth Dependant Population: the youngest group of a population dependant on parents, elders and the working class for food, water, clothing, education and health care and other services and goods.
    • Aged Dependant Population: the oldest group of a countries population that depends on the working population for pensions, healthcare, and other services and goods.
    • Independent or working population: this is a group of the population that is in employment and is the most depended on in a country.
    • Dependency Ratio: calculated by dividing the number of the dependant population by he active population and multiplying by 100
    • Migration: the movement of people to a place with the intentions of settling permanently or semi permanently.
    • International Migration: movement between countries.
    • Internal Migration: movement within a country
    • IN- Migration: the movement into a place or region
    • OUT- Migration: the movement away from a place or region.
    • Emigration: moving away from a country
    • Immigration: moving into a country
    • Push Factors: factors of a country that encourage a person to leave.
    • Pull Factors: factors of a county that encourage someone to move there.


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