The Alphbetic Theme

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    • Religion, Relationships and Family
      • What does Sex mean in body and soul?
        • Biblical teaching states that marriage and procreativity are not just physical as they also involve our soul and the responsibility of new life
        • The 3 types of love -     Agape: Self-giving love. Philia: Friendship love.       Eros: ******/ Sexual love.
        • "The body and it alone is capable of making the visible the invisible..." Pope JP II
          • Theology of the body is a series of teaching by Pope John Paul II. It is based mainly on teaching from sacred tradition and the scriptures. He also came up with new points of thought
            • Love - we cannot live without love and cannot become ourselves without loving others
            • Law of Gift- man and woman united in self giving love are together in Imago Dei
            • Body Expresses Person - through the body the person is made visible
            • Language of the Body - sex in the language of the body says ' I do'
              • Married couples 'incarnate' their vows in not just words, body and soul but through who they are together. Sex without the context of marriage is not fully commit yourself to the 3 types of love
            • Totus tuus - Latin for all I am is yours. Only husband and wife can express this love as they have made that total commitment through marraige
              • Married couples 'incarnate' their vows in not just words, body and soul but through who they are together. Sex without the context of marriage is not fully commit yourself to the 3 types of love
      • How does Genesis teach us of  male and female?
        • "In the image of God he created the,, male and female he created them" Genesis 1:27
          • Both are: created equal, both are fully human, are created as body and soul; but are also completely different
          • Men and Women show different aspects of God. They compliment each other which leads to attraction and love. Their bodies have be designed to fit together showing Gods want of procreation
            • 'Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth' Genesis 1:28
        • "Then God said, 'it is not good for man to be alone
    • Perspectives on Relationships
      • What is the Catholic teaching on the sacrament of marriage?
        • A valid marriage is a marriage recognised by the Catholic Church
        • John 2:1-11 The Wedding at Cana
        • Foundations of a Catholic Marriage
          • Free and total - the marriage must be consented to
          • Faithful and Exclusive - DONT BLOODY CHEAT
          • Ritual and Public - Has to be a church ceremony between two baptised Christians for it to be a sacramental marriage
          • Consummated and procreative - if you don't have sex then the marriage isn't valid
      • What is the Catholic teaching of Annulemnt, Divorce and Remarriage?
        • Divorce is the legal separation  of a married couple. You can legally divorce but still be married in the eyes of the church
          • I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.” Matthew 19:9
        • Annulment  is a church declaration that a marriage is no longer valid
          • Ifone of both partners of a marriage think that the marriage was invalid they can submit  a petition to the church for the wedding to be investigated. if the marriage is invalid an annulment is granted
        • Remarriage - following an annulment both partners are free to remarry in a church if they wish but a divorced person cannot this is because in an annulment the marriage must be comprised from day one
      • What are the Catholic views on same sex marriage and cohabitation?
        • Same sex marriage has been possible in Britain since 2004.
          • Non-Religious FOR- to restrict civil marriage to heterosexuals is legal and emotional discrimination
          • Non- religious AGAINST - Government doesn't have authority to redefine marriage
          • Religious response - for a marriage to be vaid procreative and same sex marriage cannot be this so it is not possible
    • Families and Responsiblity
      • What are the types of family?
        • Nuclear- husband, wife,children
        • Extended - includes cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents
        • Reconstituted - when one or both parents have been previously married
      • What is the Catholic teaching on family roles?
        • Union - the first task of a married couple is to become what they are. Comparison - you don't have to be religious to believe agree that married people have a desire to be together
        • Serving life - it is the duty of parents to provided security, nurturing and education for their children. Comparison - modern pscholgy backs this up
        • Development of society - Family is key. Self giving starts in the family and is built up by society
        • Mission of the Church - family is the domestic church and their primary mission is to create a context where children can come, meet and love Jesus
    • Gender, Equality and Discrimination
      • What is Catholic teaching on Equality of men and women?
        • Bishops should encourage and promote women's worth and their self esteem and their uniqueness so that they can occupy a place on society equal to men. - Pope  Benedict XVI
        • In creating male and female God gives them equal dignity this is as both were created in the image of God - CCC 2334
      • What is the catholic opposition to Gender Prejudice?
        • Catholic Christian movement the rise of Christianity 1996
          • The movement removed the right of men to divorce their wives since they were of equal dignity
          • Christian families refused to engage in 'exposure' leaving unwanted girls to die on a hill side
          • Girls married slightly later so they were more ready for motherhood and reduced the risk of miscarriage
          • They refused to engage in abortion which lead to Christian women being healthier and more fertile


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