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  • Theatricality
    • Idea of dressing as a fisher girl = French queen Marie Antoinette dressing up as shepherdess and playing at simple life-suggests middle class T has some pretensions to grandeur
    • The fancy dress party offers need for them to stage their lives to make sense of them
    • T's choice of costume for N shows exactly what he wishes her to be: his economic inferior, a symbol of his sexual and social status in possessing a beautiful wife
      • "I took my lovely little Capri girl"
    • T sees the tarantella as an expression of his artistic ability, in reality it's an outlet for N's panic and terror.
      • "The performance was perhaps rather realistic"
    • Rank remark about N's next costume is a reminder that she is an individual as well as a wife.
      • "Your wife could simply go in her everyday clothes"


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