The Working Memory Model

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  • The Working Memory Model (MSM)
    • Baddeley and Hitch (1974)
    • Focused on STM- believed it was not a unitary store (like MSM)
    • believed memory is a number of different stores (not just one)
    • Central Executive
      • direct attention to particular tasks
      • Baddeley and Hitch asked participants to do two tasks simultaneously
        • Task 1 occupied central executive
        • Task 2 involved either articulatory loop or both CE AND AL
      • deals with cognitive tasks such as mental arithmetic or problem solving
    • Phonological Loop
      • encodes speech sounds in WM, typically maintenance rehearsal
      • limited capacity
      • holds two stores
        • Phonological store (inner ear)
          • holds words heard for 1-2 seconds
          • spoken words enter store directly
          • written words must first be converted into an articulatory code before entering
        • Articulatory control process (inner voice)
          • rehearses information from the phonological store
    • Visuo-spatial Sketch Pad (inner eye)
      • stores and process information in a visual or spatial form
      • visual: what things look like
      • spatial: relationships between things
      • limited capacity
    • Episodic Buffer
      • Receives input from many sources
        • temporarily stores and then integrates it in order to construct a mental experience of what is happening right now
      • has storage space for both acoustic and visual information


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