Robert Frost: The Wood Pile Analysis

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  • The Wood Pile
    • "Too much alike to mark or name a place by/So as to say for certain I was here/Or somewhere else: I was just far from home"
      • Lost but the isolation is comforting to him
      • Wants to be there but the snow doesn't want him there
      • He strives and only feels alive when he's alone
    • "Clematis/Had wound strings round and round it like a bundle"
      • Or how slowly things die, only after experiencing a lot of pain
      • Human labor is futile, nature will persistent and destroy it
      • Winter is a slow killer
    • "Who was so foolish as to think what he thought"
      • Nature has a personality and Frost is always wondering that it is trying to tell us something and he himself wants to talk about it


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