Woman in Black - characters

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  • Characters of the Woman in Black
    • Arthur Kipps
      • narrator of the novel
      • young solicitor
      • sceptic
        • 'I never thought of myself as a fanciful man'
      • Arrogance makes him feel superior to the village people
        • 'Unsophisticaped than we cosmapolitans'
    • Jennet Humpfrye
      • had a baby out of wedlock
        • Alice took the child
      • she travelled to CG to kidnap the child
        • when he was on the back to the village the pony and trap sinks in the marshes
          • Jennet blames Alice for his death
      • when she dies of a wasting disease
        • haunts her sister and the house
        • killing all the children she sees


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