The Withered Arm

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  • The Withered Arm
    • Main Characters
      • Rhoda
      • Gertrude
      • Rhoda's son
      • Farmer Lodge
    • Plot Synopsis
      • Rhoda curses FL's new wife, leading to withered arm. Gertrude becomes obsessed with her looks and dies of shock when trying to cure her arm.
    • Main themes
      • Class division
      • Witchcraft
      • Superstition
      • Marriage
      • Stereotypes
    • Context
      • Looks mattered for a woman's happiness
      • Witches frowned upon but wizards had status
      • Double standards in society
    • Analytical Point
      • Dream
      • Withered Arm
      • Gossip
      • Meeting Trendle
      • Irony- Gertrude first sees Rhoda's son and its the last person she sees
    • Key Techniques
      • Omniscient narrator, passing of time, pathetic fallacy, foreshadowing, juxtaposition, coincidence, narrative intervention, distinct denoument/ plot twist


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