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  • The wedding at Cana (2:1-11)
    • Jesus replaced all the old Jewish rituals.
    • The old testament presented god as a true bridegroom due to the 'relationship' that we have with him ++
    • "for your maker is your husband - the lord almighty is his name" (Isaiah 54:5)
    • Jesus is the bridegroom coming back to Israel, the unfaithful bride.
    • 'On the third day' symbolistic of Jesus' resurrection
    • Jesus' mother tells him "they have no more wine" symbolise that Judaism no longer had the 'wine' of salvation
    • The stone jars were for ritual purification in Judaism
    • Jesus had the jars filled and turned the 6 jars into wine
    • It was the best wine and this shows Jesus superseded the legalism of Judaism
    • "for the law was given through moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ" (1:17)
    • John Aston 'the wine symbolised the blood of Christ and which was a way of salvation'
    • John Russell says that this is also linked to the creation of adam and eve as the 6 stone jars represent the 6 days of creation
    • Eschatological messianic banquet, Jesus is the messiah and will eat with his 'bride' the new Israel


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