The Wedding at Cana mindmap

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  • The Wedding at Cana
    • Jesus replaced the old Jewish water with 'new and imporved' Christian wine
    • "On the third day" - reflecting JC's resurrection
    • "they have no more wine left" - Judaism no longer can provide the 'wine' of salvation
    • "my time has not yet come" - Jesus is reluctant as he knows this sign marks the beginning of his ministry, including the ultimate sacrifice for salvation
    • Jesus changes water into wine, proving that he is the true bridegroom according to tradition
    • The water of Judaism did not lead to salvation, it was the blood (wine - eucharist) of Christ that lead to eternal life
    • In the Old Testament, the relationship between God and his peoplewas often portrayed as a marriage. God is the bridegroom of Israel - therefore Jesus is God
    • There were 6 stone jars filled with water that Jesus changed to wine - 6 is the number of incompleteness in Judaism


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