The Victims of Crime

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  • The Victims of Crime
    • Positivist Victimology
      • focuses on interpersonal crimes of violence. seeks to identify patterns in victimisation and identify characteristics of victims
        • Victim precipitation- may be the first to use violence
        • Victim Proneness- the characteristics that make victims different and more vulnerable, .eg. female, elderly or low intelligence
    • Critical Victimology
      • Structural causes (patriarchy and poverty) place powerless groups vulnerable
      • The police give victim status to some but not others
      • Tombs and Whyte- when accidents happen at work it is the fault of the worker
    • Patterns of Victimistaion
      • Ethnicity-  minority groups are at greater risk
      • Age-the young are more vulnerable to assault and sexual harassment
      • Repeat victimisation- 4% of the population are victims to 44% of crime
      • Class- the poor are more likely to be victims
    • The Impact of Victimisation
      • Physical or emotional impact on the victim
      • 'indirect victims'- witnesses and family and friends
      • Secondary victimisation in the CJS


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