The Versailles Treaty

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  • The Versailles Treaty
    • The Treaty was Signed in June 1919
    • The results of this treaty were severe
      • GARGL
        • G - Guilt; Germany had to accept complete blame for the war - Article 231
        • A - Armaments; Germany's forces were reduced to 100,000 men, only volunteers, no armored vehicles, aircraft or submarines, and only 6 warships
        • R - Reparations; Germany was ordered to pay £6.6 billion - payments for the damaged caused by the war. This amount was agreed in 1921 but was changed later
        • G- German Territories; Germany lost it's territories. Areas around the world that used to belong to Germany were now known as mandates and were run by the League of Nations
        • L - League of Nations; The LoN was set up to keep world peace.
    • Reactions to the Treaty
      • some people thought the Treaty was fair
        • Some people thought the Treaty was fair because the war had caused so much death and damage
        • they thought Germany had to be made weaker so it couldn't go to war again
        • people in France and Britain wanted revenge - politicians listened to them so that they could stay in power
      • Some said the Treaty was too harsh
        • Germans were left weak and resentful - this could lead to anger and cause future trouble, like another war
        • The treaty wouldn't help rebuild European trade and wealth
          • Germany couldn't afford reparations, many of the new countries were poor
        • The peacemakers faced problems and pressure  from the people at home
    • Germany hated the Treaty of Versailles
      • Germany Couldn't afford erpairations
      • Germany lost industrial areas and could not rebuild
      • Germany lost pride without its armed forces
      • Germany didn't accept defeat
      • Germany didn't  accept guilt for starting the war.
      • Germany suffered an economic crisis
      • Germany lost olonies
      • German people now often lived under foreign rule in new countries
    • Problems were building up for the future
      • Europe couldn't recover while countries like Germany remained poor
      • self-determination would be difficult ion new countries like Poland and Czechoslovakia
        • many people from different nationalities had been thrown together as an artificial country.
      • Germn anger would lad to trouble in the future. The Germans called the treaty a 'Diktat' - they had no choice about accepting it
      • Without Germany, Russia or the USA in the League of Nations it would be hard to keep the peace.


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