value of children in MEDC and LEDC's

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  • the value of children
    • children in MEDC's
      • positives
        • economic
          • help with chores
          • financial contribution
        • social
          • marital bond strengthened
          • continuation of the family name
      • negatives
        • social
          • mental strains
        • economic
          • cost of education
          • cost of living and providing for a child
        • psychologicalemotional
          • emotional strains
          • parents feeling tired and down
    • children in LEDC's
      • positives
        • economic
          • financial contributions
          • help with work on farms and in businesses
          • security in old age, lost of children to look after their parents
      • negatives
        • economic
          • cost of education, cant afford it
          • cost of food, shelter, general living costs are too high
          • money problems/ debt
        • social
          • overcrowding in the home
        • psychological/emotional
          • emotional and mental strain due to money problems


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