The USA's Globalism 1945-1950

A mindmap showing different aspects of the USA's Globalism between 1945 and 1950 including the Marshall Plan, the Truman Doctrine and Kennan's 'Long' Telegram.

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  • The USA's Globalism 1945-1950
    • Kennan's Long Telegram February 1946
      • Long telegram extracts
        • Aimed 'to undermine general political... potential of western powers'
        • 'Soviet... puppet political machines will be undergoing preparation to take over power in colonial areas...'
        • 'Set western powers against each other'
        • 'desirable and necessary for our traditional way of life to be destroyed'
      • Sent from George Kennan, a US official in Moscow, to Washington
      • In a response to Stalin's attempt to establish Soviet military bases in Turkey
        • Suggested Soviet motives
      • Argued that USA must be prepared to threaten the use of force to ensure unity of its allies
        • Must take a proactive role
      • Kennan said that isolationism wouldn't protect American interests
    • The Marshall Plan June 1947
      • Response to Clayton's worrying assessment of the European economy
      • Provided $13.5 billion to 16 European countries over 5 years
        • Some had to be spent on US goods
      • Formally known as the Economic Recovery Plan
      • Aimed to promote European unity
        • Stable Euro bloc reinforces containment concept
      • Many argue that the plan helped set up the European Coal and Steel Community and consequently the EEC in 1957
      • Seen by the  Soviets as US imperalism
        • Feared it would spread to Eastern Europe and undermine their authority and influence
          • Stalin ordered any Czechoslovakia and any other eastern states that were interested in Marshall Aid to remove that interest
      • Soviets set up Cominform in response
    • The Truman Doctrine
      • Support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities
      • Orthodox approach: designed to promote democracy and freedom
      • Revisionist approach: Truman demonising the USSR to the American public- presenting the Soviets as an enemy
        • By starting the Cold War the US would be justified as a defender of freedom in the world
      • First step in containment policy


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