UK constitution 25 mark question

For and against argument for the UK constition from the mark scheme.

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  • 'The UK constitution is no longer fit for purpose'
    • It doesn't conform to the modern democratic world
    • It is excessively flexible which means that there is too much opportunity for a drift towards executive power
    • The loss of public confidence in politics may be partly due to a lack of codified constitutional principles
    • The sovereignty of parliament which largely replaces a codified constitution prevents individual rights being adequately protected
    • The existence of prerogative powers is fundamentally undemocratic
    • Its flexibility arising from its uncodified, unentrenched nature, means it can adapt to circumstances
    • It does provide for strong decisive government
    • The UK has enjoyed many years of stable government which suggests the constitution is effective. This cannot be said of many modern states which have a strong and codified constitutions
    • The conservative arguments suggests a change to the constitution would have unknown consequences


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