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  • the types of practice
    • distributed
      • where the training method has rest intervals
      • they can involves rest periods and sessions should be spread out and short
      • good for a beginner and skill learning as it gives time to recover physically and mentally
      • good for possible dangerous situations
    • variable practice
      • method were the conditions are varied to encourage the formation of schema
      • schema = the patterns in the brian which enables a sports person to perform with fluency and competence
      • would contain lots of different activities in the practice and conditions should be as realistic as possible in as many situations as possible as near to a competitive situation or match as possible, this is very relevant for open skills
    • Massed Practice
      • it has no  rests intervals and has a long duration
      • it is good for grooving of skills = encourage a habitual response,
      • good for discrete skills of short duration however can lead to fatigue and boredom - therefore could be some negative transfer
    • over learning
      • learned skill  that is habitual due to many repetitions - motor progammes are therefore performed automatically
        • this means that attention can be directed peripherally to other elements to other elements of the game
    • mental practice


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