The Tudors

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  • The Tudors
    • Henry VIII
      • At a young age  he was handsome and loved to have lots of women  to bed.
      • Loved  hunting and jousting
      • Had a relationship with Mary Boleyn
      • Fashionable
      • Intelligant
      • Musical
    • Foreign Policy
      • Exports to the Netherlands, English wool- Anterd
      • 90% of the English population was agriculture.
    • Wolsey
      • Power = wealth (church)
        • Was Cardinal  of England.
      • Knew exactly what the king wanted.
      • Bribed the king into getting into higher positions.
        • Rose to Pre eminience
      • Born  in Ipswich, had no real power with the throne and wasn't Nobility.
        • this posed some problems for Wolsey and he was forced into defending himself.
      • Put  his own feelings and beliefs behind that of the king and agreed to Invade France.
      • Fulfilled  vast roles in secular division
        • Was Henry's chief minister for 15 years
    • The Church
      • Henry destroyed the monasteries
      • the Holy Roman Empire
      • Richard Hunne- a Young London Merchant
        • Challenged the Church through the law courts
          • He did this after he was charged for the death of infant son.
            • He was found dead in custody.
    • Henry's Family
      • Arthur , Henry's brother was married to Catherine of Aragon.
        • Arthur died  5 months after the pair were married leaving Catherine a widow.




Had a relationship with Anne Boleyn

Arthur was Henry's son, not brother

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