The triplet code

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  • The triplet code
    • Genes are sections of DNA that contain the coded information for making polypeptides. Polypeptides combine to make proteins and so determine the proteins of an organism
    • Enzymes are proteins. As enzymes control chemical reactions they are responsible for an organisms development and activities
    • In trying to discover how DNA bases coded for amino acids, scientists suggested that there must be a minimum of three bases that code for each amino acid
    • Only 20 amino acids regularly occur in proteins
    • Each amino acid must have its own code of bases on the DNA
    • Only four different bases are present in DNA
    • As there are 64 possible codes and only 20 amino acids each amino acid must have more than one code
    • In eukaryotes much of the nuclear DNA does not code for amino acids. These sections are called introns and can occur within genes and as a multiple repeats between genes


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