The Trinity

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  • The Trinity
    • 3 in One
    • Father
      • Christians believe God is creator of the Universe
      • Some Christians refer to God as 'Abba' or Daddy showing a close loving relationship with God.
      • Believe that a 'Fatherly relationshop offers safety and security to followers.
      • 'Is he not your father, your creator, who made you and formed you?' - Deuteronomy32:6
    • Son
      • Christians believe Jesus is God incarnate. Who was also eternal.
      • Jesus is the son of God.
      • Christians believe that Jesus was not  conceived but placed inside Mary by the Holy Spirit.
      • Because Jesus was born through 2 humans - he is free from sin.
      • 'Jesus Christ is the atoning sacrifice for our sins of the whole world'- John 2:2
    • Holy Spirit
      • The Spirit is the one who is with Christians constantly as their guider and comforter.
      • Christians believe his prescence in the lives of believers in described in the Bible.
      • The Spirit can not be seen  - it is a force or prescence
      • 'The Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you'
    • Although, Christianity is a monotheistic religion they say God has three personalities with in the trinity.


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