National 5 History: Unit 3 Hitler & Nazi Germany- Treaty of Versailles

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  • The Treaty of Versailles
    • The 'Big 3'
      • Clemenceau
        • Wanted revenge and to make Germany weak so she couldn't attack France again
      • Llyod George
        • Wanted a fair treaty but also to punish Germany
      • Wilson
        • Thought treaty was too harsh and would lead to resentment
    • Forces Reduced
      • Army reduced to 100,000
      • No airforce
      • Navy reduced to 18 ships
    • Land
      • German colonies taken from her
      • Alsace and Lorraine given back to France
      • Land given to Poland to make Polish corridor
      • North Schleswiq (for Denmark)
      • Eupen & Malmedy (for Denmark)
    • War Reperations
      • $6.6 billion
    • War Guilt Clause
      • responsibility for the war
    • Signed at the end of WW1
      • Germany NOT invited to attend
      • Signed in Palace of versailles


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