Treaty of Versailles

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  • The Treaty of Versailles
    • January 1919
    • The Mood
      • Leaders under pressure to deal severely with Germany
      • Strong feeling from Britain and France that Germany started the war and should be punished
      • Germany should pay for all the damage of the war
    • The Big Three
      • Georges Clemenceau
        • Hard, tough politician with reputation for being uncompromising
        • Under pressure from people of France
        • Saw treaty as opportunity to cripple Germany because felt threatened by it
      • Woodrow Wilson
        • Idealist and reformer
          • Wanted world peace
        • Thought treaty should not be too harsh
          • Germany might recover and want revenge
        • League of Nations
        • The 14 Points
          • no secret treaties
          • Free access to seas
          • Free trade
          • Disarmament
          • colonies have say in own future
          • German troops leave Russia
          • Independence for Belgium
          • France gain Alsace Lorraine
          • Frontier between Austria and Italy adjusted
          • Self determination
          • Independence for Poland
          • League of Nations
      • David Lloyd George
        • Middle ground between Clemenceau and Wilson
        • Germany lose navy and colonies because saw as threat
        • Agreed with Wilson- did not want to punish too harshly because thought Germany may want revenge
        • Public pressure at home
    • Clauses of the Treaty (GARGLE)
      • War Guilt
      • Army
        • Army limited to 100,000 men- volunteers only
        • No armoured vehicles, submarines or aircraft
        • Navy only have 6 battleships
        • Rhineland became demilitarized
      • Reparations
        • 6.6 million
      • German Terriroties
        • Colonies became Mandates
      • League of Nations
  • Free trade
  • German troops leave Russia


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