The Transfiguration (9:2-8)

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  • The Transfig-uration        (9:2-8)
    • Where?
      • On a high montain
    • What?
      • Jesus took Peter, James and John up a high montain. As they went up, Jesus' clothes became dazzling white. The apostles saw Jesus talking to Elijah and Moses. Peter offered to build them 3 tents. A cloud appeared and spoke. Elijah and Moses then left.
    • Importance?
      • Shows that Jesus will fulfill the prophecy and is therefore the Messiah
    • Who?
      • Jesus, Peter, James, John, Elijah and Moses
    • When?
      • After Caesarea Philippi
    • Quote?
      • 'This is my own dear son - listen to him!'


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