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  • The Tiger's Bride
    • Settings
      • "There's a special madness strikes travellers from the North when they reach the lovely land where the lemon trees grow"
      • "where the lion lies down with the lamb"
      • "At home, we are at war with nature"
      • "The chill damp creeps into the stones, into your bones, into the spongy pith of the lungs"
      • "The Beast bought solitude, not luxury, with his money"
      • "The treacherous South, where you think there is no winter but you forget you take it with you"
      • "innards of the place"
      • "The deathly, sensual lethargy of the sweet south infects the starved brain; it gasps; "luxury! more luxury!"
      • "oriental carpet"
      • "spurious Eden"
    • The protagonist/feminism
      • "My father lost me to the Beast at cards"
      • "Since I could toddle, always the pretty one..."Christmas Rose""
      • "Except the girl"
      • "Oh irony, it boasted no casino"
      • "You must not think my father valued me at less than a king's ransom; but, at no more than a king's ransom"
      • "I let out a raucous guffaw, no young ladies laugh like that...But I did. And do."
      • "As if a gift of flowers would reconcile a woman to any humiliation"
      • "the lamb must learn to run with the tigers"
      • "When I break of a stem, I ***** my finger and so he gets his rose all smeared with blood"
      • "I shall twist a noose out of my bed linen and hang myself with it"
      • "For now my skin was my sole capital in the world and today I'd make my first investment"
    • Sexuality
      • "Is that all you want of me?"
      • "I wish I'd rolled with the hay with every lad on my father's farm to disqualify myself from this humiliating bargain"
      • "white skin, red *******"
      • "I felt I was at liberty for the first time in my life"
      • "My master's sole desire is to see the pretty young lady unclothed nude without her dress after which she will be returned to hre father undamaged with...a number of fine presents"
    • The beast/ masculine power
      • "he would rather drop down on all fours"
      • "great, feline, tawny shape"
      • "He wears a with too much formal symmetry of feature to be entirely human"
      • "a reek of fur and ****"
      • "what can he smell of, that needs so much camouflage?"
      • "everyone who comes to this city must play a hand with the grand seigneur"
      • "He will gobble you up"
    • Loss/ father figure
      • "My mother did not blossom long...she soon died of his gaming, his whoring, his agonising repentances"
      • "Could he so easily leave me here?"
      • "Gambling is a sickness"
      • "I have lost my pearl, my pearl beyond price"


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