The Thaw (Soviets)

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  • The Thaw- Soviet side
    • New leadership
      • post collective leadership- Khrushchev
      • No paranoid Stalin
      • Stalin died in 1953
      • Collective leadership 1953-55; Molotov, Malenkov, Beria and Khrushchev
      • Malenkov- wanted "New Course", developed with K's Peaceful Coexsistence
    • Domestic pressure
      • Pressure for consumer goods in the USSR
        • Hearing Radio Free Europe and adverts for goods
      • Most money going towards the Cold War
      • Giving aid and now Warsaw Pact- not much spent domestically
    • Economic needs
      • 1/3 of economy devoted to defense
      • Not enough food being produced for all
      • Struggling to meet targets set
      • Importing grain instead of giving it to citizens
      • Stretching the economy further than it could go
    • The Arms Race
      • Summits- Khrushchev is aggressive but confident
      • Pretends to be superior- but not and failing
        • Potemkinism- Moscow Air Show
      • US is ahead- 1959 visit to US sees growing awareness of U2 spy plane
        • If worked- could discover the reality of their nuclear situation
      • By late 1950s, struggling to keep up
      • Realising neither side could win- reduction needed


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