the synagogue

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  • The synagogue
    • bringing together
      • appeared in Babylon after the first temple was destroyed
        • Jews were sent into exile.
          • community centre
            • house of prayer and study
              • features of the synagogue
                • Magen David/ menorah
  • Appears on the external walls of the synagogue.
    • Magen David
      • Represents king David's shield.
        • Two triangles make up the star.
          • represent two things
            • Jews cannot be separated from G-D.
  • top star points= to heaven.
    • bottom points= to earth.
      • strives to maintain a balance of being good people on earth.
        • being created in G-d's image.
          • Menorah
            • part of the Mishkan
              • Jews used to worship:
                • during their time in the wilderness
                  • During the temple era.
  • seven branches
    • Represents the 7 days of the week.
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