The Symposium

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  • The Symposium
    • Preparations
      • Invitation were small statues showing people walking to a party.
      • The women would make garlands and decorate the andron.
      • The kyrios would find the best food and drink.
      • Entertainers were hired, dancers, musicians, cortesans.
    • Arrival and Dinner
      • It started in the early evening.
      • They sat two to a couch in the andron, leaving their right arm free for drinking.
      • Dinner would be served on three legged tables. Three course meal.
    • Drinking
      • First they would pour a libation and sing a hymn. They would also drink unmixed wine as a toast.
      • Slaves would remove the tables and give the guests water to wash and anoint them with perfumes and garlands.
      • The symposiarch is elected. He will pick the strength and amount of wine to be drunk, then the size of the drinking cups, number of toasts and frequency of rounds.
      • The entertainers would arrive. They might play drinking games, such a kottabos, or sing skolia, drinking songs.
      • There could also be intellectual discussions.
    • Why?
      • For fun!
      • For business deals.
      • To make political friendships.
      • To find a husband for your daughter.
      • To have intellectual discussions.


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