The Swaggering Soldier by Plautus

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  • The Swaggering Soldier - Plautus: Names and their meanings
    • Palaestrio
      • palaetra - 'wrestling ground' is appropirate as the slave os slippery and full of tricks as would have been an acnient wrestler who was covered in oil
      • Pyrgo's slaves, originally Pleusicles'
    • Pyrgopolynices
      • purgos - 'tower' and polu/polis - 'city' and nike - 'voctory', the whole thong means 'mighty conqueror of fortresses
    • Philocomasium
      • philos - 'loveing' and komos - 'gay party'. Means 'loving gay party'
      • Pyrgo's courtesan
    • Periplectomenus
      • periplekto - 'I embrace' / 'entwine', either embraces girls or  is a major contributor to the play
    • Acroteleutium
      • ‘the highest end’, i.e., she’s the top or the best.  It may be a reference to her expertise as a prostitute
      • Hired courtesan by Palaestrio to be Peri's wife
    • Milphiddippa
      • Based on a play with the same slave name
    • Artotrogus
      • Artos - 'bread' and trogo - 'I chew'. 'Bread gobbler' is appropriate to a 'parasite' or 'hanger on'
      • Slave of Pyrgo
    • Sceledrus
      • No known Greek word but could mean stupid / rascally / dirty
    • Pleusicles
      • True master of Palaestrio and lover of Philo
      • made up of two words: the verb ‘to sail’ and the noun ‘glory’.  


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