How the Weimar Government Suvived (1919-24)

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  • The Survival of the Weimar Republic  (1919-24)
    • External Support
      • New governments in France and Britain - more sympathetic to Germany
      • The Dawes Plan - Germany lent money from America
    • Effective Government Action
      • Ebert's actions against Communists
      • Stresemann's reform of the currency
    • Bulk of German Population was Prepared to Support the Weimar Republic
      • German people supported the Government's call for passive resistance (French invasion of the Ruhr)
      • German people resisted the Kapp Putsch in 1920 - preserve the Weimar government
    • Political Opponents Weaker Than They Seemed
      • RIGHT(Freikorps, Nazis)         -        lacked support of the people, had no outstanding leaders and army was suspicious of extreme groups such as the Nazis in 1923
      • LEFT (Communists) - revolutionaries lacked support, they never gained more than 15% in elections and most working people supported Ebert


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