How successful was the struggle for civil rights in the 1950s?

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  • The Struggle for Civil Rights
    • Introduced the use of non-violent direct action
      • Sit ins and freedom rides
    • Notable individuals surfaced
      • Martin Luther King
      • Rosa Parks
      • Malcom X
    • Made civil rights a major issue
      • Through media attention to their actions
      • Events that effected everyone
        • Eg.Bus Boycott
    • By the end of the 1950's blacks didn't have full equality
      • Still viscous racism in southern states
      • Blacks were still living in areas of poverty and deprivation
    • A stronger campaign was needed
      • To get more people on their side
      • To speed up the progress
      • They'd only just started getting the publicity that they needed
    • The KKKs were still popular
      • Made the journey to equality harder
      • Slowed down progress


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