The structure of the league

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  • The structure of the league
    • The assembly
      • The Leagues headquarters in Switzerland
      • Each member country had 1 vote in the assembly
      • Met up once a year
      • Had the power to:
        • Admit new members to the league
        • Elect permanent members to the council
        • Vote on the leagues budget
      • Decisions made had to be unanimous
      • Could only recommend action to the council, not carry it out
    • The council
      • Met three times a year
        • In times of emergency
      • Five permanent members
        • Britain, France, Italy, Japan, and eventually Germany
      • Four temporary members were elected every three years
    • The secretariat
      • Civil service for the league
        • Carried out administration
      • Kept records of the leagues meetings and prepared reports
    • International labour organisation
      • Aimed to improve the conditions of working people around the world
        • Concerned with: wage rates, safety, health at work etc.
      • Collected into about working conditions
      • Made up of employers, governments and working representations
    • Commissions
      • Mandates commission
        • Made sure that rulers of countries acted with the interests of the people in mind
      • World health organisation
        • Attempted to deal with dangerous diseases
      • Refugee organisation
        • Returned people to their original homes at the end of ww1
      • Slavery commission
        • Worked towards the abolition of slavery


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