The Structure of The Earth

Key words and their definitions.

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  • The Structure of The Earth
    • Crust
      • Outer solid layer of the Earth
    • Mantle
      • Thick solid layer of the Earth between the core and the crust. Although it is solid it can flow very slowly.
    • Core
      • Innermost layer of the Earth, rich in nickel and iron
    • Magma
      • Molten rock that comes to the surface of the Earth through weak spots in the crust
    • Lithosphere
      • Part of the Earth composed of the crust and the outer part of the mantle
    • Tectonic Plates
      • One of the large pieces of the Earth's crust that gradually moves across the surface of the mantle
    • Subduction
      • Process of one tectonic plate being pushed under another as they move


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