The Structure of an Ancient Comedy

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  • The Structure of an Ancient Comedy
    • ONE - Prologue
      • Initial scene or series of scenes - opening situation made clear and the movement of the plot begins
    • TWO - Parados
      • Entry of the Chorus - long and varied dance movement
    • THREE - Agon
      • Series of scenes interspersed with songs from the chorus - central scene was the agon, a formal debate on the crucial issue fo the play, containing 2 opposing speeches each introduced by a choral song
    • FOUR -  Parabasis
      • Chorus partially or completely abandons its dramatic role and addresses the audience directly usually in the absence of the actors. Normally consists of 3 songs ans 3 speeches (song 1-speech 1 etc)
    • FIVE - Series of scenes
      • Another series of scenes interspersed with choral songs
    • SIX - Conclusion
      • A concluding scene of general rejoicing, often associated with a banquet or wedding
    • Hardly any of the plays studied reflects this pattern


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