The structure and function of proteins - essay plan

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  • The Structure & Function of Proteins
    • Structure
      • Primary
        • Amino acid chain is determined by DNA which is read during transcription
      • Secondary
      • Tertiary
        • Is determined by the primary structure causing it to fold in a certain way
      • Quaternary
        • Haemoglobin & Myoglobin
          • Binding to O2 allows the other O2 molecules to attach as it causes the structure to be changed
          • Affinity for O2 and CO2 changes.
    • Enzymes
      • Complementary Structure.
      • Active Site
        • The active site is determined by the primary structure causing the way in which the chain folds in the tertiary structure.
      • Enzyme-substrate Complexes
    • Muscles
      • Actin and Myosin
        • Globular structure
        • Binding sites for attachment of myosin heads.
        • Myosin heads have an active site for ATP
    • Inhibition
      • Inhibitors are partly complementary
        • Competitive inhibitors
          • They block the active sit by binding to it
        • Non-Competitive inhibitors
          • They change the shape of the active site, by binding to the enzyme, changing the primary structure, and therefore the tertiary one.
    • Antibodies
      • Variable region
        • Allows antibodies to be specific to different antigens.
      • Bind together
        • Agglutination


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