Start of the Wars of the Roses

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  • The Start of The Wars of the Roses
    • Rival claimants existed because of the circumstances surrounding the accession of Henry IV in 1399.
      • House of Lancaster descended from John of Gaunt (3rd son of Edward III)
        • House of York descended from Edmund of York (5th son of Edward III)
    • Richard Duke of York (1411-1460) descended from Lionel Duke of Clarence (2nd son of Edward III)
    • Henry VI was a weak king
      • Was only an infant when his father died
      • Pious, Chaste and over-generous
      • Not a military leader like Henry V
      • Mental illness
        • 1453- Henry suffered mental collapse
      • Rumours that Edward was not his child
        • Increased opposition
    • Richard, Duke of York was not paid money he was due for services to the crown.
    • York was greatest landowner after king and had an alliance through marriage to the Nevilles
      • York may have encouraged Cade's rebellion
    • Defeated at Battle of Castillion and lost all lands his father had gained at Agincourt in 1415
    • 1454- Parliament petition for york to become protector- allowed him to arrest enemies and take charge.
      • Ended in christmas 1454- lancastrians claimed Henry had recovered
    • MoA believed she should be regent + fighting for inheritance of Edward


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