The Stages of Using Surveys in Research

The stages of how a survey is created, for research.

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  • The stages of research using surveys
    • Stage 1: Choosing the topic
      • The sociologist must first find out what they are interested in and what they want to discover.
    • Stage 2: Formulating an aim or hypotheis
      • The reason for doing the survey. Might simply have an aim - to find something out. Might have a hypothesis to prove or disprove.
    • Stage 3: Operationalising concepts
      • Simply defining the concepts and terms you deal with,
    • Stage 4: The pilot study
      • Try the survey out on a small sample.
    • Stage 5: Sampling
      • Select the small group to work with, make it representative etc.
    • Stage 6: Deciding on the type of survey
      • What kind of survey?


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