The spread of communism in Asia

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  • The Spread of Communism Asia
    • China
      • By the late 1940s it seem communism had been contained in europe
      • The communist leader Mao Zedong and the KMT had been fighting for as long time. The USA gave the KMT support
      • KMT had grown out of touch with the people so the communist were victorious
    • USSR's Reaction
      • The USSR was delighted that china was now communist
      • Stalin wanted a link with his new communist nieghbour
      • In 1950 a treaty of friendship was signed which commited the ussr to supporting china.
    • USA  reaction
      • USA was severely concerned by theses developments
      • Chinas fall to communism created a worldwide struggle
      • Trumans regime came under fire when the USSR exploded their fist atomic bomb
      • The USA refused to recognise china as a communist country


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