The Social Reform and who it helped

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  • The Social Reform and who it helped
    • Sick
      • Problems
        • Being sick meant time of work which mean no money
      • Solutions
        • Sick pay was introduced in 1911
          • Each worker had to pay insurance
        • Families received 30d on the birth of a child
      • But...
        • Some people thought the poor would waste the money given to them for the child
    • Young
      • Problems
        • Many Children didn't attend school
          • Their parents needed them to work
            • Worked dangerous jobs
        • Parents couldn't afford to look after them and they were often neglected
        • Buying cigrette, alchohol and fireworks
          • Being sent to adult jails
      • Solutions
        • 1906 school meals act
          • All local authorites had to provide meals for the poorest children
            • By 1914 150,000 children were receiving this
        • Working hours for children were brought in
        • Children were banned from dangerous jobs
        • Laws were put in place to stop children from buying alcohol and cigarettes
      • But...
        • Only half the local authorities set up a free meal service
    • Elderly
      • Solutions
        • Old age pension act was introduced in 1908 for people on a low income
          • 1-5 shillings depending on how poor they were
          • Married couples got a maximum of 7 shillings and six pence
      • Problems
        • Many elderly people had to go to workhouses due to lack of pensions
      • But...
        • Many people protested as old people paid nothing towards them
    • Unemployed
      • Problems
        • Many people were in casual jobs which meant they had periods of unemployment  between jobs
      • But...
        • Benefits made some people stay at home and not work
      • Solutions
        • 1909 - the labour act was passed
          • The unemployed signed up and registered at a labour exchange so employers could see them.
        • Unemployment benefit was introduced


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