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  • The Social Approach
    • definition and key terms
      • the social approach is about people,  how they live together comfortably, and when they do not, social structures. who obeys, who gives orders
    • methodology
      • validity - measuring what you claim to measure
      • reliability- if repeated would you get the same results?
      • Generalisability- does it measure what its supposed to be measuring?
      • objectivity/ subjectivity - subjective is bias, objective is not bias
      • credilbility - are the findings accepted
      • Aim, hypothesis, operationalising, IV, DV, conditions, control
        • sitiuational variables- envronment variables which could affect a study.
        • participant variables - e.g hunger, tiredness etc
        • Demand characterisitcs
        • Social desireability
        • sampling methods;random, stratified,volunteer/ opportunity.
    • content
      • Milgrams obedience study
        • Obedience means to obey a direct order from an authority figure.
        • AIM: to test the effect an authority figure has on obedience levels
    • studies
    • key issue
  • Ethical guidelines
    • informed consent
    • deception
    • right to withdraw
    • debriefing
    • competence
  • research methods
    • Interviews
      • Structured, semistructured, unstructured
    • Questionairres
      • Closed/open questions


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