The Social and Political impact of Lord John Russell

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  • The social and political impact of Lord John Russell
    • Political
      • He served as Prime Minister twice in the mid-19th century
      • He was a leading Whig and liberal politican
      • He was not a successful Prime Minister as his government of 1846-52 was the ruin of the Whig party
    • Social
      • He was a child of an especially rich, famous and important family
      • As he was a younger son of the 6th Duke of Bedford he was not expected to inherit the family estates
      • He was educated by tutors and attended the University of Edinburgh
    • Social and Political
      • His family has been one of the principal Whig dynasties in England since the 17th century.
      • As he was a younger son of a Duke he was not given the title 'Lord John Russel'.
        • He was not allowed to move into the house of Lords until he was made an Earl


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