The Simple Electric Motor

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  • The Simple Electric Motor
    • To speed it up: more current, stronger magnetic field
    • If reverse the current, reverse direction motor turns
    • Consists of
      • Rectangular coil of insulated wire that is forcedto rotate
        • Coil is connected via 2 metal or graphite brushes to the battery
          • Brushes press onto metal split - ring communtator fixed to the coil
            • SPLIT - RING COMMUTATOR: swap contacts every half turn to keep motor rotating in same direction
    • When current passes through wire coil spins because
      • Force acts on either side of coil due to motor effect
      • Force on one side is opposite direction to force on other side
    • Uses
      • CD players, food mixers, hair dryers
      • Fan: link coil to axle(stick), axle spins, fan attached to ale


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