Significance of the Balkans in WWI

The significance of the Balkans in the start of WWI

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  • The Significance of the Balkans
    • Ottoman Empire
      • Decline of OE meant Russia and Habsburg could stake a claim of control over the region
      • The Balkans dominated by OE
    • Serbs/Slavs
      • Austrians feared a strong Serbia would lead to break up of multi-culture empire
      • Serbs asserted national identity and independence
    • Habsburg Empire
      • Austria-Hungary allied with HE which drew Germany into politics with the most unstable region
      • Serbs were Slavs which meant they were protected by fellow Slavs- the Russians
    • Russia
      • 1897, Russians and AH's had agreed to work together to resolve tensions in the Balkans and maintain status quo
      • Russian protected the Slavs, Pan-Slavism was popular and strong.


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