The Second New Deal

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  • The Second New Deal
    • Employment
      • Works Progress Adminstration
        • $4 billion to set up major public work schemes to provide relief
        • $52 wage a moth
        • Builiding of hospitals, schools, road, airports, playgrounds, Fort Knox
      • National Labour Relations Board
        • Redress the balance between employees and emplyers
        • Did not apply to agriculture or domestic services
      • Fair Labour Standards Act
        • Maximum 44 hours per week, minimum of 25c wage
        • Prohibited child labour
        • Did not cover farm labourers/domestic servants
    • Agrivculture
      • Rural Electrification
        • Low ineterest loans to install electricity in remote areas where big companies had no interest
      • Soil Erosion & Conservation Act
        • Paid farmers to plant conserving grasses & legumes
      • Farm Security Administration
        • Funded loans to help farmers keep theri land
      • Agricultural Adjustment
        • Quotas for produce
    • Housing
      • Resettlment Act
        • Aimed to move 500,000 families from overworked land and resettle them in more promising surroundings
      • National Housing Act
        • Housing projects for poorer families
        • Local banks with federal money to finance home mortages to raise home ownership
    • Economic
      • Revenue Act
        • Increased rtaxes for the rich, raising the top level of income
        • Reduced Government spending
      • Banking Act
        • Removed the control of banking from private bankers
        • Financial managment to Washington
      • Social Security Adminstration
        • Federal insurance for the elderly, unemployed and disballed
        • Those needing most help e.g agriculture were excluded


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