The role of the Church in the community

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  • The role of the Church
    • The teachings
      • To expand Christian community
      • Care for existing Chrisitans
      • Christ is our Saviour and we can be saved by becoming his discipes
      • You have to actively follow the commandments
      • The Church is necessary for salvation
        • BUT Roman Catholic Catechism teaches somebody who has never heard of the gospels can achieve salvation through God's mercy..
      • Performs Baptism to welcome people to the church.
        • Catechism teaches that some form of Baptism is necessary to get into the 'Kingdom of God'
    • The community
      • They provide a regular pattern of worship e.g Sunday Serivce
      • Christians who have died remain part of the community, this is referred to as the 'Communion of Saints'
      • The Church teaches Christians about their faith through Sunday school or Bible classes
      • Ministering the sick
      • Supporting justice/peace campaigns
    • Roman Catholic church
      • The teachings of the RC church have strong influence on it's followers e.g abortion, sex
      • Church leaders are highly respected. Their guidance is adhered to
      • It offers guidance to those who believe they have been called by God. e,g ordained ministry
        • The RC church influences soical and political developments around the world through it's involvement in peace and justice movements


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