The role of education - Functionalists and the New Right

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  • The role of education, Functionalists and New Right
    • Functionalists
      • Durkheim: solidarity and skills
        • Social solidarity
          • School transmits the societies culture, bot its shared beliefs and values. For example teaching colonial history will create a sense of pride for your own country
          • School acts as a miniature society of what you'll face outside, post-education as we have a hierarchal structure
        • Specialist skills
          • Education supplies children with specialist skills that they can apply to the work place in the future
      • Parsons: Meritocracy
        • School judges us on the same universalistic and impersonal standards, everyone is judged against the same criteria
          • So we have the same gendered rules against us in school as in the greater society
        • It prepares us for life outside school as we are taught that individuals achieve rewards through their own effort and ability
      • Evaluation
        • Marxists feel that school doesn't transmit the societies culture but brainwashes us with capitalist ideology
        • The New Right argue that the state system is inadequate in preparing children for society because it does not reward competition or choice
    • New Right
      • Chubb and Moe: Consumer choice
        • Disadvantaged groups such as ethnic groups, lower classes and religious minorities have been badly served by the schooling system, disadvantaging them
        • State education is inefficient because it fails to produce pupils with the skills needed for the wider society
        • Private schools deliver higher quality of education because unlike state schools they are paid for so have more pressure point onto them from parents


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