The River Wandle

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  • The River Wandle
    • Information
      • It provides a valuable green corridor through an urban area
      • It links a number of sites of conservation interest such as Beddington Sewage Treatment Works, Wilderness Island Nature Reserve and Watermeads
      • Much of it has been described as a Site of Metropolitan Interest due to the variety of its plant life
      • Water quality is classified by the EA as poor to fair
      • There is widespread contamination of groundwater, largely as a result of past industrial activity e.g.: at Beddington
      • It's one of the few rivers to have maintained its course to the Thames without too much hinderence
      • Any attempt at management must balance the conflicting needs of the many interests
    • Management
      • Maintain and improve surface and groundwater quality throughout the catchment
      • Protect low flows from further reduction and investigate alleviation
      • Improve management techniques for in-stream and bank-side river habitats
      • Protect and enhance permanent water bodies throughout the catchment
      • Integrate the management of environmentally sensitive flood defences with the control of surface water runoff
      • Seek to minimse the environmental impact of water control structures
      • Balance the needs between recreation and conservation uses of rivers and stillwaters
      • Maintain and improve the fisheries status of rivers within the area
      • Promote community pride in the local water environment


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