the river god

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  • the river god
    • structure
      • continuous dramatic monologue a-a-b-b rhyme scheme. there are irregular line lengths. turn the poem on its side and it looks like reeds
    • attitudes
      • river god is powerful but also insecure and lonely
      • if he isn't respected he punishes the people
    • form
      • the poem is a dramatic monologue and the river god is personified by given a voice to speak to us
    • themes
      • power of nature. don't take things for granted. the power of love.
    • sound
      • poem sounds child like. simple rhyme scheme and it is a bit clumsy because the amount of beats in each line is inconsistent.
    • imagery
      • simple yet powerful repetitive yet pleasant.
      • contrast between woman and river
    • ideas
      • we should take note of things around us and not take them for granted.
    • commentary
      • The river is personified in this poem as a narrator
      • the River God shouldn't be underestimated
      • he tells us how he passes time by by blessing the swimming fish and he likes people to bathe in him especially women
      • the poem takes a dark turn when because we find out that he can drown whoever he chooses. he drowned a woman


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